Soil Amendment

Natural Zeolite is a Powerful Natural Zeolite

All-natural mineral amendment with a high cation exchange capacity for absorption.

  • Moisture Retention

    KMI Zeolite is highly sorbent and has an extremely high surface area of 40m2/g. This means it can store moisture while at the same time preventing mildew and anaerobic activity.

  • Cation Exchange

    KMI Zeolite has a high cation exchange capacity which helps to buffer the soil and increase retention of nutrients such as K, NH4, Ca, and Mg.

  • Anti-Compaction

    Improve drainage, infiltration of moisture and availability of nutrients at the root level.

  • Immobilize Toxins

    Trap toxins and heavy metals, adsorbing these specific cations permanently into the negatively charged spaces of the KMI Zeolite molecular structure.