Natural zeolite is a powerful & natural soil amendment

For the past 60 years, around the world, clinoptilolite zeolite has been utilized as a valuable inorganic soil amendment.

This naturally occurring alumina silicate mineral was naturally formed over millions of years and consists, on the microscopic level, of a lattice tetrahedra framework, making it a catalyst for microbial and organic chemical activity.

Clinoptilolite zeolite has a unique honeycomb-like helix construction. The porosity, water retention, cation exchange capacity and durability of the mineral make it a very powerful soil amendment.

The unique attributes of this natural resource make it a powerful mineral sponge. KMI Zeolite is dense yet highly porous with a molecular sieve structure. Water is absorbed, drawn in, and collected by the tiny zeolite granules, once blended into soil it creates space for root aeration.

A single spoonful of powdered zeolite contains millions of channels, all connecting and flowing through the mineral, amounting to tens of thousands of square feet of surface area.