Soil & Agriculture

KMI Zeolite is a wonderful soil conditioner with the capacity to hold water and nutrients in the root zone, reduce leaching, and support microbial life in soil.


KMI Zeolite Ultra Grow

Nutrient carrier and contaminant stabilizer in one product. Encapsulate heavy metals and harmful elements while absorbing and releasing nutrients, vitamins and minerals for time-released plant uptake. 

Improve heavily degraded and contaminated soils with Ultra Grow™.

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Proven Safety Record

Zeolites are used extensively in agriculture.

97% Purity

KMI Zeolite controls the largest and purest deposit of 97% pure clinoptilolite zeolite. 

Clinoptilolite Zeolite

The most commonly used zeolite in agriculture worldwide.

(FDA) Food And Drug Administration 

Classified as safe for human consumption.

(IARC) International Agency for Research on Cancer

Classified as Non-Toxic.

Valuable Soil Benefits

KMI Zeolite has several key benefits.

Improve Fertilizer Efficiency  

Promote the nutrient-retention capacity of
the soils, slowing the release for uptake by crops.

Increase Nutrient Uptake

Increase N, P, and K uptake and their
use efficiency in roots, leaves, and stems.

Improve physio-chemical properties

Improve cation-exchange capacity of soils and promoting microbial metabolic activity.

Immobilize Heavy Metals

Permanently bind (+) ions; sequester pollutants such as heavy metals: Cd, Pb, Cr, Zn, Cu,

Soil Amendment

KMI Zeolite can reduce nutrient leaching, prevent compaction, increase infiltration, and help the aeration of deep root systems due to its high surface area and porosity.



KMI Zeolite can promote nitrogen retention, control the moisture content, and purify methane gas produced by anaerobic digestion.


Golf Courses

KMI Zeolite can increase root growth and improve health in turfgrass.


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