Natural Pozzolan
Supplementary Cementitious Material

KMI Zeolite Natural Pozzolan is an alternative cementitious material with unique pozzolanic properties.

KMI Zeolite is a powerful and abundant natural pozzolan with benefits including a reduction of alkali-silica reactivity and reduction in the total carbon footprint of concrete. 

Our zeolite has a high surface area and cationic exchange capacity, making it a suitable pozzolanic material. It is available as raw ore, direct from the deposit, ready to be crushed on-site at most cement plants. Or, it it is also available, as a air-classified particle size of <34% retained on a no. 325 mesh sieve, pursuant to ASTM C 618. 

KMI Natural Pozzolan can be used as a partial cement replacement or in binary or ternary mixes with fly ash and or slag cement.

Available as run of mine ore, or milled to spec. <34% retained on no. 325 mesh.

KMI Natural Pozzolan is compliant with ASTM C 618 and AASHTO M 295 and is source-qualified for use in ready mix concrete.

KMI Natural Pozzolan is listed on the CALTRANS Authorized Cementitious Materials for use in concrete.

 Download the KMI Zeolite Natural Pozzolan specifications document here.

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