Naturally Combating Environmental Pollution

Our goal is to help reduce environmental pollution from industry, government, and agriculture by harnessing the natural absorbent power of the natural zeolite mineral.

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Our Core Commitments

We believe that our environment is valuable because of the natural ecosystem and inherent resources it contains. We are committed to protecting our environmental resources, while allowing business to go on for generations to come. 
We know that technology and commerce are important pieces of a harmonious and comfortable life here on planet Earth, and we are committed to promoting continual business progress that is in harmony with the natural environment.
We are committed to combating the inevitable byproducts of industry by utilizing the powerful zeolite mineral. 
Our mineral resource is extracted with a very low carbon footprint, and very little disturbance of the natural landscape. We always commit to full reclamation on all of our mining and processing sites.

The Impact of Zeolite

Absorbing Greenhouse Gases

Our zeolite absorbs ammonia, CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gasses from the air.

Improving Nutrient & Water Retention

Our zeolite improves the moisture and nutrient retention in heavily used soils, and can reduce runoff of excess nutrients into our waterways.

Encapsulating Harmful Contaminants

Our natural zeolite is used to store radioactive waste. It is also used to bind heavy metals and other toxins in stormwater and wastewater systems.