Did you know that brushing zeolite powders into porous concrete surfaces on garage workshop floors or driveways can actually lighten or eliminate tough automotive stains? The mineral is also very good at storing thermal energy from the sun to help embed itself into thick ice and snow to provide traction and melt through it. Both of these qualities make the organic certified mineral extremely useful to have around the house for oil absorbent and ice melt / traction control uses. Because zeolite has a low-sodium content, the run off from zeolite ice melt does not contribute to the environmental problems such as those attributed to salt and calcium chloride based melters.

Ammonia and heavy metal cations pose serious health and environmental risks. Studies have determined that natural clinoptilolite zeolite is selective for these cations, meaning that it will absorb and bind them in its honeycomb structure (Mumpton, 1999). In addition, zeolite forms strong bonds with ammonia and heavy metals that are difficult to break. This bond prevents leaching of contaminants into the environment.  For this reason, our clinoptilolite zeolite is included in many companies Stormwater Pollution Prevention Control Plans.

Zeolite successfully absorbs oil, fuel, coolants, paints, degreaser, and mild acid spilled garage or workshop floors. In addition, it eliminates odors and toxic vapors caused by spills on contact. Studies have shown that zeolite does not disintegrate when saturated with liquid. As a result, the product does not create slippery surfaces on floors. Instead, it absorbs excess liquid and creates traction control while spills are being addressed. In many cases, natural zeolite is light green to beige in color and can easily be seen on floors. This provides efficiency when cleaning spills because it is simple to determine where the product has been applied.

Because zeolite absorbs and adsorbs liquids and heavy metals, application prevents corrosive chemicals from seeping into cracks on floors and surfaces. This prevents structural or materials damage the can occur when concrete, stone, and brick come into contact with hazardous chemicals.  For this reason, we work with many different companies and government bodies (including the Boeing, Chevron, Ranger, Department of Energy, Department of Defense etc.) on adsorption and absorption projects.

Ice Melt & Traction Control

When temperatures reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degree Celsius, water freezes and is transformed to ice. There are a wide number of products on the market that provide traction control on driveways, stairs, and walkways. However, these products often contain high levels of corrosive chemicals and salt, both of which have a significant impact on the environment and can cause damage to concrete or vehicles.

Natural zeolite provides superior traction control and ice management capabilities because of its water absorption and cation exchange capabilities. Zeolite granules can absorb up to 50 percent of their weight in water, a characteristic that allows them to remove the layer of water that sits on the surface of ice. As water is absorbed, zeolite embeds itself into ice and snow, providing traction control (KMI Zeolite, 2013).

At the same time, zeolite adsorbs sodium contained in products like rock salt, and prevents it from leaching into soil as ice melts (KMI Zeolite Inc., 2013). This protects lawns, plants, and trees against chemical burns.

Materials like concrete and brick are porous and absorb water as ice and snow melt. As water refreezes and expands in pores, stress is placed on these materials and damage occurs in the form of cracks, and pits. Repairs are often costly and require structures like driveways or stairs to be replaced.

Trials conducted by KMI (Hogg, 2015) demonstrated that zeolite absorbs water and embeds itself into ice by means of solar absorption. It is proven to withstand the freeze and thaw cycle indefinitely and degradation is not observed during the processes of hydration and dehydration (Hogg, 2015). This process allows for ice management and traction control while minimizing concerns regarding structural damage.

In areas where there is a great deal of foot traffic, it is important to utilize products that provide continuous traction control. Zeolite begins to absorb water immediately and provides continuous traction control throughout the winter; as layers of snow and ice melt and expose previous zeolite applications, the mineral will continue to provide traction control due to its durable structure.

Because zeolite does not contain toxic chemicals, it can be swept onto the lawn after the final thaw or collected for re-use during the following winter.