Control moisture, mold, mildew and odors with the naturally non-toxic and sponge-like mineral zeolite.

KMI Zeolite Absorbent

Absorb oil and other spills up to 50% more effectively with KMI Zeolite Absorbent.

Unlike air fresheners or perfumes that mask odors, natural zeolite acts as a molecular sieve that traps and removes odors. Zeolite is the best product for odor & moisture control because of its unique porous qualities, noxious odor particles are trapped inside its crystalline structure, permanently isolated from the environment!

Zeolite is a successful odor control agent because of its ability to absorb and adsorb both liquids and gases. Essentially, it serves as a sponge that drinks in liquids (absorption) and in the process, matter and gases adhere to the surfaces of internal pores (adsorption) (Hogg, 2003). Both properties work together to combat odors.

      • Sprinkle over cat litter as need to control odor
      • Soak up oil spills and other chemicals in the garage or workshop
      • Deodorize the refrigerator more powerfully than baking soda
      • Sprinkle over frozen walkways and roads to melt ice & add traction
      • Line trashcans, diaper storage, recycling or compost bins to absorb odors

Ammonium in liquid and solid waste is constantly undergoing conversion to ammonia gas. Zeolite controls odors by absorbing moisture from waste and adsorbing the ammonia produced by microbial activity on the liquids (Hogg, 2003).

In addition to removing odor-causing ammonia from animal urine (Mumpton, 1999), zeolite can safely be used to absorb liquids or noxious odors in other parts of the home. For instance, zeolite is often used in products designed to remove malodors from footwear, garbage cans, cigarette smells, refrigerators, and walk-in coolers (Mumpton, 1999).

Natural zeolite capabilities also create efficiencies when cleaning damp areas such as basements, trash cans, or pet litter areas. Because the mineral begins to absorb moisture and odors upon contact, simply apply the product and let it begin the cleaning process.

Zeolite is nontoxic to people and animals; it does not cause harm if it is ingested, touches the skin, or comes into contact with the eyes. The mineral is “nonflammable, environmentally friendly, and can be safely handled around water and feed with bare hands, which is especially nice for those who suffer from chemical sensitivity” (Hill, 2012, p. 46).