The many uses of zeolite around the home, from the kitchen to the garage to the yard and even the aquarium.

Absorb oil and other spills up to 50% more effectively with KMI Zeolite Absorbent.

Natural zeolite acts as a molecular sieve that traps and removes excess liquids and odors. It is unique because of its ability to both absorb and adsorb liquids, gases, and suspended matter. Essentially, it serves as a sponge that drinks in liquids (absorption) and in the process, matter and gases adhere to the surfaces of internal pores (adsorption) (Hogg, 2003). For example, both properties work together to combat odors in animal litter areas. Ammonium in liquid and solid wastes is constantly undergoing conversion to ammonia gas. Zeolite controls odors by absorbing moisture from waste and adsorbing the ammonia produced by microbial activity on the liquids (Hogg, 2003).

Because KMI Zeolite is over 97 percent pure, is nontoxic for humans or pets; it does not cause harm if it is ingested, touches the skin, or comes into contact with the eyes. The mineral is nonflammable, environmentally friendly, and can be safely handled with bare hands, which is especially nice for those who suffer from chemical sensitivity. This makes it the perfect product to use around the home to create a safe and hygienic environment.

Natural zeolite capabilities also create efficiencies when cleaning damp areas such as basements, trash cans, or pet litter areas. Because the mineral begins to absorb moisture and odors upon contact, simply apply the product and let it begin the cleaning process.

Zeolite does not contain salt, chemicals, dyes, or chlorides. It does not stain clothing or carpets, corrode brick or cement, or rust vehicles or metal landscaping elements (KMI Zeolite Inc., 2013).

Finally, zeolite can provide long term cost savings to home owners. The mineral has a strong structure that does not disintegrate when it is hydrated or dehydrated, meaning that zeolite can be used indefinitely to eliminate odors, clean damp areas, or absorb liquid.