The Benefits of Natural Zeolite to Paints and Coatings

Many consumers search for environmentally friendly alternatives to lead paints and coatings. One of the most widespread substitutes is zinc phosphate, which has also been flagged because of its environmental impact. A study by Roselli et al. (2014) examined the performance of mixtures consisting of zinc phosphate, zeolite, and clay in order to diminish phosphate content in paints.

Researchers found that zeolite and clay were exchanged with lanthanum ions as inorganic green inhibitors. The results indicated that it is possible to replace part of the zinc phosphate content in paint with the exchanged zeolite and clay (Roselli et al., 2014).

Cheng, Wang, and Yan (2001) tested the use and effectiveness of zeolite as a natural, corrosion-resistant coating on a variety of metals including steel and aluminum alloys. The coating proved to be highly corrosion resistant, even in the presence of strong acid.

At the conclusion of the trial, the zeolite coating was deemed be wear-resistant, strongly adhesive, and compatible with paint. The research team determined that zeolite coating can serve as an environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant coating for aluminum alloys (Cheng et al., 2011).

In addition to environmental impact, chemicals in paints and coatings can also compromise the health of individuals living and working in their vicinity. For instance, sick house syndrome is linked to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. To combat the negative effects of these chemicals, VOC absorption paint was developed.

A study by Lee et al. (2005) examined the use of eco-ceramics paint containing zeolite powder and ceramic binder. The researchers found that eco-ceramics paint had a deodorization rate of 95.7 percent and bacteria decreasing rate of 99.6 percent. Finally, the paint showed excellent VOCs interception properties due to the properties of zeolite in the surface of the paint (Lee et al., 2005).