In areas where there is a great deal of foot traffic, continuous traction control is a must during winter months. Zeolite begins to absorb water immediately and provides continuous traction control throughout the winter; as layers of snow and ice melt and expose previous zeolite applications, the mineral will continue to provide traction control due to its durable structure. Also, zeolite is a visible against ice and snow due to its color, allowing pedestrians to walk on areas where zeolite products have been applied.

A trial conducted at KMI Zeolite Inc. (Hogg, 2015) examined the durability of zeolite during hydration and dehydration, which is a regular occurrence during the freeze and thaw cycle. The study was conducted outdoors during November 2014, a time when temperatures are continuously below freezing.

Zeolite was placed on ice in a container and by means of solar absorption, the zeolite absorbed through the ice to the bottom of the container (Hogg. 2015). Then, the block of ice was turned over and zeolite once again absorbed through the ice. The process was repeated several times over the course of a month and the same results were observed. Study results demonstrate that zeolite can withstand freeze and thaw cycles indefinitely and degradation is not observed during the processes of hydration and dehydration (Hogg, 2015). Because of this characteristic, zeolite applications successfully manage ice and provide traction control during the winter months.

Because zeolite does not contain toxic chemicals, it can be swept onto the lawn after the final thaw or collected for re-use during the following winter.