Urban runoff is a major source of water table pollution. Thousands of tons of lead from wheel balance weights alone is smashed onto highways each year. Gasoline, oils and fluids, lead, mercury, rubber, and many other toxic substances are ground into the roadways by driving vehicles, and broken into tiny parts – eventually dissolving and washing into the surrounding water table.

A single chunk of the KMI Zeolite mineral, up close.

All-Natural Zeolite Absorbs Contaminants

Natural Zeolite Absorption

All-Natural KMI Zeolite is a powerful absorbent. KMI Zeolite has an enormous surface area, and it both absorbs oils and contaminants within its structure, and absorbs positively charged pollutants such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Copper, Zinc and more. 

Lead is absorbed by granular KMI Zeolite at a very rapid rate – reducing the lead PPM by 90% in under one minute.

Lead Absorption of 99% in under one hour.

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