Shipping Policy

KMI Zeolite is happy to provide their valued customers with shipping quotes for your order from various logistics carriers and brokers.  KMI can ship bulk trucks, flat bed trailers, van trailers, pneumatic trucks and via rail and ocean freight.  The customer is always welcome to procure their own logistics company outside of the shipping tenders procured for them by KMI.  KMI does our best to secure discounted rates from our logistics providers due to the volumes we ship with these providers.  As such, on qualifying orders we reserve the right to charge a small administrative premium on this discounted rate to cover some of the administration costs, fluctuations in rates and payments to 3rd party logistics companies prior to payment by customer.

If you would like to obtain your own quotes, you will need the following information:

Clinoptilolite Zeolite CAS # – 1318-02-01. Freight Class # is 50. Pallet dimensions 40 x 48, weight is 50 lbs per cubic foot.

Re-handling – Restocking fee:

KMI Zeolite will always work with the logistics company to get the maximum amount of product possible on the truck according to the order. The maximum cargo weight is 44,000 lbs, however depending on the weight of the tractor, the alignment of the axles, the amount of fuel, the weight and type of trailer (flat-bed vs. dry van) the number of tons that we are able to load the truck with will range from 20-21 tons. KMI cannot guarantee that the logistics company sends a truck capable of carrying a cargo of 44,000 lbs. Please note, the pallet and tote add 50 lbs to each ton. If the customer insists on trying to get 22 tons on the truck and we are unable to load all 22 tons because of the type of truck that arrives we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of 25% for the product that we have to unload and put in storage. Flat beds are preferable to KMI due to what is typically a lighter trailer (requiring less re-handling during loading) that can also be loaded from both sides. KMI will also load dry vans when ordered as we recognize there can be some cost savings on the customers’ end.