Zeliminator Stall and Stable Freshener

Zeliminator barn deodorizer is a non-toxic, zeolite based product which absorbs and traps the gasses that create odors.

Zeliminator Barn Deodorizer

Zeliminator barn deodorizer is the purest grade of zeolite blended specifically for stables, trailers, barns & paddocks.

The accumulation of ammonia in stables and stalls has been proven to stress the upper respiratory airways of horses. This places them at risk to pneumonia and recurrent airway obstruction, an asthma-like condition sometimes called heaves. Foals are especially vulnerable. Zeliminator lessens this danger by adsorbing the ammonia.

Zeliminator is 100% natural and non-toxic. It is not only safe if accidentally ingested by animals, it is very beneficial to their overall health. Zeliminator barn deodorizer can be safely handled with bare hands or around feed and water.


Horse leaving his stall

Environmentally Friendly

Using Zeliminator as an odor control system is a natural, environmentally friendly waste management system for stabled horses. Zeliminator eliminates ammonia odors by capturing the ammonia and its odor through a natural sponge process. Zeliminator powder contains thousands of microscopic pores and channels which adsorb moisture and ammonia molecules. Once trapped inside the crystalline structure the ammonia is neutralized by a powerful chemical reaction. The negative charge of the Zeliminator powder simply pulls positively charged odors and other pollutants into its honeycomb structure.

Very economical and simple to use

Safe and non-toxic, harmless if ingested

Captures ammonium and prevents formation of ammonia which causes noxious odor and health problems
Helps prevent numerous ammonia-related respiratory problems and irritation on eyes
Prevents formation of molds and fungi, therefore helps to prevent fungal infections
Removes up to 55% of its weight in moisture thereby decreasing hoof problems and reducing insect infestations
Keeps bedding drier for newborns or animals confined due to illness or injury
Fertilizer Bonus

When discarded, the used Zeliminator enhances soil and boosts plant growth, the absorbed ammonia is neutralized and gradually released as nitrogen to plants but is not leached into groundwater.

Respiratory Disease

Many people are unaware that one of the primary causes of the horse respiratory disease ”heaves,” or recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), is exposure to bacterial products in the air, particularly from urine ammonia. This is especially problematic for horses that lie down frequently or those that are closer to the ground, such as foals and ponies. Anything you can do to reduce the ammonia is a step in the right direction.

Our suggestion is to place spread Zeliminator over the urine area in which your animal frequents the most. Lay 5-6 cups of Zeliminator down in a 12′ X 12′ stall after cleaning. It is then reapplied each time the stall is cleaned or at regular intervals on top of the manure. The amount of deodorizer needed depends upon quantity of horses or the individual horse’s habits. Messier horses need more product.  Please look at our applications section for more information on this product.