KMI UltraGrow Soil Enhancer

KMI UltraGrow soil enhancer is all natural & pH balanced mineral substrate that traps and releases moisture and gasses to keep soil nutrient-rich, aerated and healthy.

UltraGrow Soil Enhancer

naturally balance moisture and nutrients

KMI UltraGrow soil enhancer is made from pure zeolite granules that help intensify water, oxygen and nutrient absorption, which promotes healthier plant growth.

KMI Zeolite UltraGrow has many advantages over clay soil pebbles, perlite, vermiculite and gypsum in its ability to absorb and release moisture. This is due to zeolite’s unique, negatively charged honeycomb structure which allows the plant easy access to nutrients and moisture as needed through ion exchange.

We have collected a lot of research in our Applications section to help you learn more about how our zeolite can save you money.