KMI FreeFlow

KMI FreeFlow feed supplement consists of an extremely pure form of clinoptilolite zeolite, or sodium aluminosilicate, that acts as a buffer, an anticaking agent and much, much more when included in feed as a dietary supplement.

FreeFlow - Feed Additive

Sodium calcium aluminosilicate animal feed ingredient

KMI FreeFlow feed supplement offers many benefits when used as a feed additive for beef cattle & dairy cows, swine, poultry, and horses.

Since zeolite is the world’s only naturally occurring negatively charged mineral a great number of benefits in the feed process can result from adding it to animal feed. FreeFlow feed supplement is stable, non-toxic and approved for animal feed (CFR 582-2727).


Primary benefits include:

                • Improve animal growth and weight gain, with less feed required per pound of weight gain.
                • Help prevent the penetration of ammonia into the bloodstream.
                • FreeFlow is a rumen buffer, naturally balancing pH over time. Higher CEC means more buffering.
                • Help reduce scours, acidosis, diarrhea, enteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases.
                • Strong affinity for ammonium that aids in digestion and nutrient absorption and improves the value of milk, gradable eggs and the meat index.
                • Improved dispersion of feed ration ingredients by reducing agglomeration.
                • Offers increased NPN for ruminants and improves rumen microbial activity.

Further benefits include:

                • Better phosphate utilization
                • Reduces acidosis (grain poisoning)
                • Anti-caking / flow agent for feed and increased feed pellet durability
                • Improved bone growth
                • Reduced mortality
                • Has no caloric value and is not a therapeutic
                • Approved for use in animal feeds (CFR 582-2727)
    Zeolite has EU approval for use in the swine and poultry industry. Though not currently approved in North America for claims on mycotoxin binding, zeolite is the standard for a mycotoxin binder in many countries and also Europe by absorbing a broad Spectrum of toxins. In the EU zeolite has also been shown to control aflatoxins in animal feed which lowers mortality rates from digestive stress and reduces the need for antibiotics and medicines. In Europe antibiotics are not required nearly as frequently when using zeolite in feed.