Backyard Stall and Stable Deodorizer

Naturally non-toxic and ingestion safe barn, stall & paddock deodorizer and ammonia absorbent.

Backyard Deodorizer™ is 100% all-natural, eco-friendly, highly absorbent, non-toxic, quartz-free, chemical free, fragrance free, odorless, non-flammable, liquid sustainable, non-caustic, and proposition 65 safe granular that removes odors caused by urine.

Intensive testings have proven Backyard Deodorizer™ absorbs up to 80% of its weight in liquids.

Backyard Deodorizer™ is California Proposition 65 Safe and has been listed as Organic by (OMRI) Organic Material Research Institute. It does not contain any chemicals that harm turf.


Backyard Deodorizer™ is designed to absorb urine, which can help prevent ammonia from turning into a gas. Other similar products claim to neutralize the urine, but don’t come close to the absorbent and adsorbent power of our unique and pure clinoptilolite zeolite. The zeolite does not just neutralize, it absorbs the urine and holds the gasses in its molecular lattice shaped microscopic chamber. When it comes to our competitors, just because you don’t smell urine doesn’t mean the harm is eliminated.

Using Backyard Deodorizer as an odor control system is a natural, environmentally friendly waste management system for stabled horses.The product eliminates ammonia odors by capturing the ammonia and its odor through a natural sponge process. Backyard deodorizer granules contain thousands of microscopic pores and channels which adsorb moisture and ammonia molecules. Once trapped inside the crystalline structure the ammonia is neutralized by a powerful chemical reaction. The negative charge of the mineral granules simply pulls positively charged odors and other pollutants into its honeycomb structure.

Backyard Deodorizer is safe and gentle to use. The product is 100% natural and non-toxic. It has a pH value of 7.4, it is not only safe if accidentally ingested by animals, it can be very beneficial to their overall health. Backyard Deodorizer can be safely handled with bare hands or around feed and water.

One of the significant benefits of clinoptilolite zeolite is its ability to improve digestion and bind toxins in the digestive tract of animals. For instance, studies have demonstrated that zeolite absorbs 85% of ammonia (NH3) absorbed under a neutral pH, which can improve feed conversion by up to 5%. Studies have also found that zeolite has the ability to bind ammonia and hard metal cations in aqueous solutions. The results demonstrated that the use of zeolite at fish and shrimp farms vastly improved water quality and clarity. Zeolite’s ability to bind ammonia provides significant benefits to both agriculture and aquaculture industries. These include increased nutrient absorption and odor management. When KMI zeolite is used as an animal feed additive, mixed with manure or added to aqueous environments, clients are provided with a low-cost, effective and environmentally friendly product that provides safe, clean and efficient work environments for animals and workers.