Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Motor Freight Classification for your material?

Freight Class 50

What is the NFPA Hazard Rating?

NFPA hazard rating 0

Can I use your product on carpets, or furniture?

Yes. Sprinkle on and allow time for the mineral to soak up moisture and odors, then vacuum. Repeat as necessary.  The remaining small amounts of powder residue, if any, are completely non-toxic, pet safe and will continue to absorb moisture and odor.  Zeolite does not break down but retains its absorbent capacity.

For ice melt; will it work in shady areas?

Our Ice Melt products DO work well in shady areas.  Zeolite is used all over the world as an industrial grade ice melt and traction control product. We offer 2 grades of Ice Melt for both average and extreme conditions.

Where can you ship your product?

We ship our product all over the world. We have partnerships with many national and international freight companies, as well as our own small fleet of bulk trucks.

Do you ship via freight train?

We can deliver bulk product for rail freight to sidings at the BNSF and UP lines.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We can deliver dryage containers to the Port of Long Beach. Containers are filled with tote bags on pallets.

How much product fits in a 40’ shipping container?

If the product is loaded into the container at our facility it can hold up to 19.5 metric tons due to road weight constrictions.