This unique mineral is quickly becoming known for its many uses and benefits. KMI Zeolite supplies the purest clinoptilolite zeolite available on the market, proven at 97% purity.

Zeolite Around the Home?

Zeolites are a powerful microporous material with many practical uses around the home, office, garden, or garage. Keep a bag or two around for a dryer, cleaner, and odor-free household. Easily recharge the zeolite by setting it outside in the sun on a long warm day.

1) Preserve Over-Ripe Fruits & Vegetables

Placing zeolite powder or fine granules in a bowl on the counter, or in a bag in the refrigerator will slow down the ripening of fruits and vegetables. Place the most ripe area down into the zeolite, or wipe the entire fruit or vegetable with powder. Wash off before cooking or consumption. Zeolite is all-natural and non-toxic.

2) Place in the refrigerator to reduce humidity & odor

Place a bowl of zeolite granules or a chunk of raw zeolite in the refrigerator. The zeolite will act as both a dehumidifier and as an odor absorbent. For an average size refrigerator, just 1 to 2 zeolite chunks will eradicate lingering odors. 

3) Place in drawers or closets to reduce humidity & odor

Place a small sock filled with zeolite granules or a chunk of zeolite in drawers or on closet shelves to absorb odors, prevent mold, and reduce humidity.

4) Use with all-purpose cleaners to remove tough stains

Pour zeolite powder on tough sink stains, let stand for 10-15 minutes, then scrub with any home cleaner to help eliminate old stains and mold. Because zeolite is microscopically abrasive, it both preserves the finish and absorbs molds & stains within its crystalline structure. 

5) Add a little zeolite to cat litter to remove odor

Shake out a thin layer of zeolite powder over recent deposits or when cleaning out the litter box for an extra layer of odor control.

6) Pour over oil spills in the garage

Zeolite is an excellent oil absorbent, use it to cover and soak up oil spills around the garage or driveway. Sweep away and reuse as needed.

7) Use as a pet & lawn safe ice melt

Zeolite is a very powerful ice-melting material, with an even lower melting point than salt. It is naturally non-toxic, harmless to animals and beneficial to soils. Use granular zeolite over icy walkways, driveways, stairs and roads. 

8) Line Trash Cans to reduce humidity & odor

You can add a little zeolite powder or granules to the bottom of any trashcan, between the bag and the can. Not only will this act as an absorbent layer for any moisture leaks, it will also prevent mold and absorb odors including ammonia and harmful organic compounds.

12 Ways This Little Known Mineral Can Improve Your Soil

Clinoptilolite zeolite is a microporous aluminosilicate mineral with a kind of funny name, but what it can do to benefit your soil is very serious.

A handful of pure clinoptilolite zeolite can contain a surface area of over 10 million square feet!

Zeolite has an extremely high porosity and cation exchange rate. This plus a negative charge means it can draw in and hold nutrients, oxygen and water until they are required and absorbed by plant roots.

1) Save Water

Increase water holding capacity of your soil and reduce watering requirements by up to 50%

2) Improve Absorption

Absorb more H2O, increase infiltration and improve water permeation. Zeolite traps and holds moisture within it’s molecular structure allowing plant roots to tap into the stored H20 as needed.

3) Retain Nutrients

Zeolite has a very hight cation exchange rate and a negative charge, this allows the mineral to absorb nutrients and hold on to them until required by the roots. Reduce nutrient leaching and prevent water table pollution by potassium, phosphorous, nitrates & nitrites.

4) Balance pH

Naturally balance the pH levels in the soil and prevent spikes in pH which can help correct and maintain a balanced environment for maximum root growth.

5) Remove Toxins

Because zeolite has a helical and negatively charged molecular cage it adsorbs and locks in ammonia and harmful heavy metals, effectively removing them from the surrounding soil.

6) Reduce Aridity

Improve soil aeration and repair arid soil.  Mixing zeolite into soils improves root health allowing more water and nutrients to get to the roots.

7) Gnat Deterent

Keep soil surface free of mildew and gnats by sprinkling zeolite powder over the top layer.

8) Control Nutrient Uptake

The zeolite in the soil will adsorb then slowly release fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, and growth stimulators as needed by the plant.

9) Balance Light Soil

Improve the nitrogen balance in light and sandy soil.

10) Correct Bad Soil

Improve the production capacity of soils devastated by acids and other contaminants.

11) Reduce Compacting

Prevent soil compaction and increase porosity and aeration allowing roots to spread and grow healthier and longer.

12) Compost Organics Better

Improve the breakdown of compostable elements in soil & reduce odors. Increase the level of good bacteria and reduce the bad bacteria. 

The Benefits of Zeolite in Soils

Add 10 – 15% clinoptilolite zeolite to any soil blend or dirt to improve the qualities and performance of the soil.

Adding 10 – 15% clinoptilolite zeolite by volume to soil or fields can improve the health of the roots and result in healthier plants. Always source the purest zeolite. KMI Zeolite suppliesthe highest natural form of clinoptilolite zeolite available, at 97%+ purity. You can buy Zeolite here for your home or commercial applications.