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Control of the NOSEMA DISEASE with Natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite

A curative measure for honeybees, against Nosema ceranae The western honey bee or European honey bee (Apis mellifera) is the most common of the 7–12 species of honey bee worldwide. (Wikipedia.org)     Nosema ceranae Nosema Ceranae is a microsporidian, a small, unicellular parasite. Along with Nosema apis, it causes the disease nosemosis, the most […]


Zeolite + Food & Municipal Solid Waste

Food waste is a substantial part of municipal solid waste. The average American is throwing way more than 38 million tons of food per year, and most of it is not reused. Composting provides an environmental technology to reuse food waste, turning it into valuable fertilizer-rich soil. This study highlights how zeolite used in composting […]

Agriculture & Our Environment

Of all the air pollutants, the agricultural industry is the most “Ideally positioned to fight climate change,” and here is how. Check out this very informative illustration of how interconnected agricultural practices are to our environment.

Study Shows Ammonia Reduction with Zeolite

An on-farm study was conducted to record the effect of adding natural zeolite to compost in Southern Idaho with 100 Jersey cows. Complete manure and compost nutrient lab analyses were performed. These results demonstrate that the addition of natural zeolites has a positive effect on reducing ammonia emissions during the composting process and increasing the conversion […]


What do the experts tell us about how composting works? What can and can not be composted? Composting is a very powerful and complex natural process. Under ideal conditions organic matter is broken down through the help of microorganisms, bacteria, temperature and moisture, read this article find out more about how it works. Zeolite is […]

Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater management is a very recent term based on regulations passed in the 1990’s. American businesses such as scrap metal yards, gas stations & even car washes must comply with runoff water regulations, and must find innovative and cost effective ways to remove high PPM counts of harmful heavy metals such as lead, mercury, zinc, […]

Another School Board Approves Clinoptilolite Zeolite

In another victory for clinoptilolite zeolite, the school board has approved artificial turf installations for Einstein High & Julius West Middle schools. The fields of both of these schools were in disrepair, years of use had left them unusable, and they had long awaited a replacement. MCPS of Maryland has announced that clinoptilolite zeolite is […]

Natural Zeolite to Reduce Nitrate Leaching in Dairy

It has been known for many years that adding natural zeolite to the diet of a cow will improve its health, reduce toxins and optimize nutrient intake. But new research has shown that the benefits may not end there. Researchers in New Zealand are looking into the positive environmental impact of feeding zeolite to cows. […]

Increasing Blooms From Nutrient Runoff Threaten Ecosystems

Dangerous levels of nitrogen and phosphorus are compounding in Lake Erie causing runaway algae blooms that are threatening wildlife. For the second time this lake has dying. An over abundance of phosphorous and nitrogen from fertilizers and sewage, feed the blue green algae and bacteria which in turn produce toxins that can harm animals as […]