Zeolite Based Vacuum Insulated Panels

March 15th, 2017, VANCOUVER, B.C.

Ashburton Ventures Inc. announces it will be manufacturing a new type of Vacuum Insulated Panels for the construction market that utilize zeolite, enabling lower production costs as well as cleaner technology due to zeolite’s unique non-toxic properties.

The thermal insulating capacity of these panels is five to ten times higher than traditional fibrous or foam insulation. Utilizing the natural clinoptilolite zeolite represents a unique opportunity to create new, high performance, thermal insulation with significant benefits to the environment and reducing energy costs by up to 40%.

StubHub Center Gets ZeoFill Astroturf

The StubHub center in Los Angeles is getting an AstroTurf makeover, and the city is replacing the controversial and so called crumb rubber with the new DT23 System.  This new system uses ZeoFill, a KMI Zeolite sourced product that “helps reduce surface temperatures and delivers an exceptional playing surface.”