Heavy metal removal from motorway stormwater using zeolite


In this study, natural and synthetic zeolites have been shown to reduce heavy metals such as Zn, Cu, Pb, Cd in motorway stormwater. Zeolite has been investigated for its ion exchange capacity, and its ability to remove heavy metals that have been dissolved in an aqueous solution. Zeolite’s effect on motorway stormwater was assessed by calculating the percentage of metal removed through quick batch experiments. 

Natural zeolite releases sodium because of its cation exchange with heavy metals, trace sodium indicates an ion exchange process has occurred. Natural zeolite removes lead and cadmium at various pH values and shows better removal at acidic pH’s where the metal species were dominantly catatonic.  

The best way to apply natural zeolite is by using concentrated contaminated ponds. While holding the stormwater in a detention pond, apply the zeolite material in a filtered bag to enable periodic replacement of the heavy metal contained zeolite.

Reference Research Paper: https://bit.ly/2HW3fpP


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